A Bodyguard For The Princess

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I'm your personal bodyguard. My job is to protect your body with my life.

Princess Daphne, heiress to the throne and terribly misunderstood, doesn’t know much about men, especially dangerous men like Matthias. How could she when she’s practically a prisoner in the palace, protected from the tragic accident that killed her older sister? When Matthias is hired as her personal bodyguard, she learns that an intense gaze from a man that sexy could set her on fire. But she has a lot more to learn – her controlling family requires she gets married immediately, and her cousin, Dion, the only other successor to the throne, has his own secret agenda. Then a scandal hits and she disappears…

Matthias is a man with a dark past and a reputation as a great lover. Pity he never finds a reason to keep the women around afterwards. When he meets Princess Daphne, he knows he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, especially not with the heiress to the throne, but nothing can stop him from claiming the body of the woman he was hired to protect. The princess is so naïve, and he can’t help but teach her a few things about her body and life outside the palace. Then she disappears and nothing can stop him from finding her, not when he needs her so much more than he ever imagined.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: For a limited time, this edition of A BODYGUARD FOR THE PRINCESS contains two other romance books

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  • Original Title:A Bodyguard For The Princess
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.96 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published September 1st 2016


Chapter 1


Sun shattered the darkness in his bedroom, and Matthias groaned as he rolled over, diving back under the covers for another few hours’ sleep. A squeal greeted him, and he shot up in bed, glancing around, his hand slipping beneath his pillow until the other head popped up.

“Matthias! I will not walk straight for a week after last night.” The black-haired beauty grinned beside him, the sheet pooled around her waist.

His hand relaxed, and he left the handgun tucked under his pillow. He forced a grin, even though smiling was the last thing he felt like doing. “That is the idea,” he pointed out. “But alas, my dear sweet one, I have to get ready. New job starts today.”

“Oh? And where is this new job? You aren’t working at the nightclubs anymore?”

“Sadly, no, but this one will pay the bills better,” he said, knowing the new ...

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