Abduction (Killer Instinct #1.5)

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  • Original Title:Abduction (Killer Instinct #1.5)
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  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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    “Stay away from him, Jill.” Jillian West’s grandmother pointed toward the end of the long, wooden pier. A boy was there, gazing out at the distant waves, a boy who appeared to be just a little older than Jill. “He’s trouble.”

    But he didn’t look like trouble. The boy’s blond hair blew in the wind and his faded T-shirt fluttered in the breeze.

    “I’ll only be inside a minute,” her grandmother promised as she patted Jill’s shoulder. “Stay here.”

    And then her grandmother was gone. She’d drifted into the little souvenir shop that waited near the pier, her voice drifting back to Jill as her grandmother called out a greeting to her friend inside the store.

    Her grandmother had a lot of friends in Hope, Florida. It seemed...

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Zaria · 10-16-2018


Lil · 10-16-2018

Fun read

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nice read

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:)))) Gud one

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I had so much fun

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oh wow . l loved it.

agwabi faith · 10-16-2018

soooo interesting

Lovereads · 10-16-2018

Great book