Above All Else: A Bad Boy Military Romance (Easy Team Book 2)

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She was in danger. He WAS danger.

My country was in revolt led by a man determined to not only have my crown but also my head. I was a wanted princess on the run. And I needed protection.

But I didn’t expect that protection to come in the form of a 6’5 mercenary who’s call sign was, very appropriately, Bear. I had wanted a bodyguard who would follow my orders. Instead, I got a domineering, sharp, and ruggedly gorgeous mercenary who made orders.

And I definitely didn’t think that that protection would include my being hidden away in some ranch in the middle of Wyoming. Alone. With a mercenary.

Trouble must be my middle name.

Well, the man had another thing coming if he thought I would just quietly fall down for him. I was a princess, damn it! And I wasn’t about to let someone tell me how to save my own life.

But despite my resistance against this bossy and overbearing mercenary, I realized he might be my only shot at regaining my throne. But in this dangerous, life or death, struggle, could I lose my heart, as well as my crown?

**Although this is part of the Easy Team series, Above All Else is a standalone book that does not require you to have read the first one.
**HEA guaranteed with a bonus book at the end!

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  • Original Title:Above All Else: A Bad Boy Military Romance (Easy Team Book 2)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.32 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published September 5th 2016


Chapter One


I spotted her almost as soon as she walked in.

It was impossible not to. We were literally in the middle of nowhere in Colombia. Out near the edges of the jungle there was a thatched room that served as a very rudimentary bar. In one corner was an ancient jukebox that looked like it had come straight from the set of Happy Days. The small place was packed with people, glistening with sweat from the intense humidity outside. A ceiling fan spun above us, almost mocking us with how useless it was.

And the only people in the small bar that wasn’t a local was me and five of my brothers from Easy Team.

That was until she walked in.

With a wavy tumble of reddish blonde hair and creamy fair skin, the girl walked in like a cool breeze of air. She had glittering blue eyes that were deep and rich and spoke of many coy secrets. But after being out in the deep field for over two months, the numb...

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Payl · 10-15-2018

It hot and good plot

Salti · 11-28-2018


Emma Watson · 01-25-2019