Alien Warlords' Child

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A warrior's job is never done when it comes to those he needs to protect...

Laura Parker has a job that few would envy. As one of the few social workers on Octava, the Terran has to not only try and fit in, but protect children in a society that does not believe in that. As a new mother herself, after a one night stand she would have never thought she'd go through with, she knows first hand how fragile these little lives are... and she's about to learn a lesson about how fleeting things can be.

Leon and Cage are men the darkest recesses of Octava fear the most. As the safekeepers and guardians of Octava, the Praetorians are feared and respected... but mostly feared. Though they understand one another completely, they rarely see eye to eye. Except when it comes to a certain curvy, spirited Terran. Finding out they're fathers to a little girl is about to change their world, but this world might not be around for much longer unless they can band together and overcome their differences.

Will these two warriors know their child and get to truly love their mate, or is fate as cruel as Octava itself?

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  • Original Title:Alien Warlords' Child
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.12 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published February 11th 2017


She was beautiful.

The word simply didn't do his fated justice. Leon stared as Laura's eyes flicked between the two of them, a wide range of emotions parading across her gorgeous features.

There was desire there, immediate and undeniable. A hint of hope, a small joy of some kind that warmed Leon's cold heart in a way nothing had in a very long time. And there, right in front of all the others, was the fear.

The most natural of feelings when people came face-to-face with the Praetorians, the terror of Octava. Even warriors got in line when they approached.

He never wanted to see that on Laura's face again, even if Leon knew he could never be free of the horror he represented.

It wasn't his lot in life to be happy, it seemed. She was the keeper of the young and everything they'd heard about her told Leon she wasn't glad to find out who they were.

He didn't know what to say. For three y...

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Tonya · 04-16-2018

It was OK!