An Ill Wind (Security Specialists International #5)

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A damaged woman fleeing her past.

After being stalked then attacked by a colleague, Dr. Fiona Teague flees to a New Mexico border town. Working in a clinic, Fee endeavors to overcome the horror of that night. To her dismay, Trey Maddox, her brother’s friend, refuses to be deterred from pursuing a relationship with her. If only she weren’t so broken … Trey’s everything a woman could want—honorable, strong, heroic, but he deserves better than a damaged woman.

A strong, capable protector determined to lure her into the shelter of his arms.

During an Idaho blizzard, SSI operative Trey Maddox met Fee over the barrel of a rifle as she protected his pregnant sister-in-law. The gutsy little doc then ignored her own physical injuries to deliver his nephew. How could Trey not fall for her? Before he could persuade her to stay in Idaho, she’d cut and run to New Mexico. Undeterred by the distance, he pursues her, eroding her resistance with patience and tenacious good humor. And, finally, she agrees to an actual “date.”

But the ill wind that had destroyed her once before now sweeps through Fee’s life again. She’s kidnapped by a drug cartel. Trey arrives to find her house a bloody crime scene. The cartel has no idea of the ruthless hunter they’ve unleashed. Trey will storm hell itself in order to rescue Fee and make her his, once and for all.

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  • Original Title:An Ill Wind (Security Specialists International #5)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.4 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:B01N6RH283
  • Publisher:Published January 15th 2017 by Monette Draper




Thanks to Elizabeth Neal for sharing her ideas for a perfect hero – Sheriff Levi Gray Wolf is the result.



Thanks to my beta-readers: Debbie Kline, Valerie Samouillan, Teresa Wilson, and Gail Northman. Some of them even read it more than once as I fine-tuned the plot. Love these gals.



Thanks to my critique partner Cherise Sinclair for always being there with constructive comments and for listening to me whine when I get to the “hate my book” stage.



Thanks to my long-time final line editor Ezra Solomon for taking the time from being a busy grad student to take a pass at this book. His objective set of eyes is always welcome.



Thanks to my trusty formatter gal Gail Northman who makes it possible for me to be an indie author.


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