Annoying Pest...

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Coping with anxiety was hard enough.
Coping with anxiety while the world watched was agony.

Yes, my dreams came alive the moment I stepped on stage.
But, my nightmares waited for me the moment I stepped off.
Yet to the outside world, I had it all.
My reality however, was no rock-n-roll fairy tale.
See, my spiral started when the man I loved walked away without a word.
So… I didn’t take that well.
In fact a year later, I was getting by on pills, music and denial.
Now I was back where it all started and we ended.
I was scheduled to perform in my hometown.
A tour I swore I could handle.
But when a stalker joined the party, I had reached my fragile limit.
Mentally and emotionally, I was done.
And on the anniversary of my dumping, in my darkest hour, he came back.
Vowing to protect me, wanting to fix me and to find us again.
The same guy who sacrificed his own dreams so I could perform.
To get here, I took and took, never giving back.
The adult in me had to at least recognize my role in his leaving.
With open eyes, I knew it was my turn to sacrifice.
No matter the cost, I owed him.
This wasn’t just my dream, but his too.

Then I found myself at a crossroads.
That place where everything I had always wanted was mine for the taking.
And I would.
Take it, that is.
Except for one tiny problem…
I hated being famous.

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“Stop annoying Pest!”

Like an overworked, frustrated single mother stuck with two asshole kids, Guy was always repeating himself and we never listened. In fact, we went out of our way to drive him insane. It’s the only time he called me Pest. To Guy, I was Tempest. Unless he was demanding that I be left alone. Considering how often I was annoyed, Guy had his work cut out for him.

Stop annoying Pest…

I missed those three words.



I was not supposed to be the one he walked away from.

But exactly one year ago today, he did walk away. Actually, he snuck away, which was infinitely worse in my opinion. Any other woman would visit a he-stable to get back on the proverbial cock-horse, but not me, I was too pathetic. Three hundred and sixty-five days strong, I still pined for the guy who l...

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Mila · 08-03-2018

Very real story, loved it...

Viv · 12-14-2018

One of those soul mate stories that you can't help but root for. I enjoyed it.