Anything You Can Do (Camp Firefly Falls #16)

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After months of hard work, Emma is ready to launch her new cosmetics line. To celebrate, she’s treating herself to a spa week at Camp Firefly Falls. One problem: when she arrives, she learns she signed up for something very different—Scout Wars, a heated battle between former Girl and Boy Scouts. Instead of seaweed wraps and mud baths, Emma's looking at a week of merit badges and cookouts. She considers dropping out…until the infuriating leader of the boys' group suggests she's too much of a city girl to hack it.

Max's life is pretty great. He's the co-owner of a local business and is becoming a respected member of the community. It may even be time to find a sweet local girl to share that life. Emma isn't sweet or local, but from the minute they meet, Max can't get her out of his head. So long as she's only there a week, what's the harm in a little friendly, flirtatious competition?

It’s all fun and games until someone loses their heart. Will they be able to walk away at the end of the week…or are they playing for keeps?

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  • Original Title:Anything You Can Do (Camp Firefly Falls #16)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.24 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published September 1st 2017 by Match Books





Emma spun in circles beneath the thin silver moon of late summer. Strappy sandals dangled from one hand as she danced barefoot across the cool grass. On one side, a group of trees towered over her. On the other was an enormous playground slide, scaled up for adult use.

She’d sipped just enough champagne for twirling to feel liberating, but not so much to make her dizzy. It was, however, just enough alcohol to make a bad idea seem like a reasonable one, which was why she was currently dancing by herself on the large swathe of grass at Camp Firefly Falls. If she were inside the Pinecone Lodge, enjoying Josh and Ruby’s wedding reception with the rest of the guests, she might forget all the reasons she wasn’t supposed to lure the best man into the nearest coat closet.

So far, Emma had been an excellent maid of honor. She’d found a last-minute replacement for broken shoes, dealt with a cater...

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nessa · 12-14-2018

wow..i didnt know summer camp for adults can be so much fun. The Scout Wars games at Camp Firefly Falls between men and women were awesome. Team EMMA!! Max & Emma were so adorable, i loved their chemistry.. The way they fought, their constant small arguements with each other they behave just like... ''I hate you, I love you I hate that I want you"♡•°•°• Emma character was kind, sweet, funny even though she was famous, She was a really down to earth person. I enjoyed reading this story it was really entertaining but too short for my liking. I would have l♡ve more of their story BUT still im satisfied. *p.s _ max's sister Holly, i liked her.. hope she has her own story also.

tia · 12-14-2018

worth reading😍👍🌹

Lizzy · 12-16-2018

awesome i liked it.

Alyssa · 12-18-2018

This was a fun read full of sparks and passion. It was an enjoyable interesting story line, and likable characters.

Héloïse · 12-23-2018

It's well-written with a satisfying ending.

rachel · 01-13-2019

What an interesting read this was. ❤LOVED IT!! A short love story.