Badass Bear (Grizzly Cove #9)

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Beth is depressed. Her people are safe in Grizzly Cove, but she feels as if she’s losing all her friends as they pair off two-by-two with their bear shifter mates. She’s only just found freedom by running away from her oppressive home. It’s not fair that she’s losing her new family too.

Trevor rappelled into town from a black helicopter, but he’s found welcome here and a new mission to spark his interest. Almost as much as the pretty mermaid he finds sobbing on a boulder near the water’s edge. He can’t just leave her there, but he soon learns that Beth is as prickly as the trident she carries as a huntress for her people.

She’s a warrior in the ocean, but on land, she’s the hunted, and Trevor finds that totally unacceptable. When bounty hunters come to collect the huge price on her head, it’ll be up to Trevor to stop them…and help Beth find her courage, both to face off with her evil stepfather, and accept Trevor as her true mate.

It’s all out war in Grizzly Cove, but which side will win?

The Grizzly Cove series also includes:
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9. Badass Bear

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  • Original Title:Badass Bear (Grizzly Cove #9)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.62 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:B06XF5C9T4
  • Publisher:Published May 23rd 2017 by Liefde Press




Trevor Williams, former Army Ranger and current high-level intelligence operative for the band of mercenaries that had gathered under Major Jesse Moore on his Wyoming mountaintop, was back in Grizzly Cove, Washington. He’d visited briefly a couple of weeks ago to talk with an Australian koala shifter—of all things—who had been held prisoner in the mountains of Oregon for months.

The hunt was still on for those who had been holding the koala-man and several other shifters in a private menagerie. Trevor’s unit had found evidence of medical experiments having been performed on the captive shifters, among other atrocities. The mercenary unit was still actively searching the mountains in and around Oregon for any sign of the bastards that had kidnapped and imprisoned so many. Trevor’s job was to liaise with the shifters who had settled in Grizzly Cove and, secondarily, try to get more intel on the mer sh...

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