Be A Doll: A Carter Manor Novel

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At Carter Manor, women were groomed to become the perfect next trophy wife for the most influential and powerful men in the world.
Polished, educated, and disciplined... they met every criteria.
Or did they?


After escaping two prospective husbands, I knew I didn't have much of a choice anymore but to play by the rules if I didn't want to end up back in the streets.
Upon meeting him I expected an older disgusting man, but he proved me wrong.
He was young, handsome... and despicable.
His cold hearted behavior and condescension caused me to lose my carefully built appearance of sophistication, but somehow, it made me win a husband who enjoyed toying with me until he could break the last pieces of who I used to be. I wouldn't let him.
I hated him.
At least I did at first, until I had a peek underneath his walls and discovered the kind of pain he shouldered.


I never thought I'd get married and even less that I would be purchasing my wife, but for my business I would do anything.
At the Manor, I was sure I'd find bland women so polished that nothing of their own personality was left. But one candidate couldn't hide the fire in her.
I was drawn, ready to toy with her, to tease her until she folded for me and let me take her to make her fully mine and not in name only.
I didn't want love, I didn't want her to be in my living space and I certainly didn't want her to see who I really was under the facade I had spent years shaping myself to be, but that was exactly what was happening.
She fascinated me.
Her strength made me want her in the most all-consuming way.
Now I wondered who possessed whom.

**Standalone novel for readers over 18**

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Somewhere deep in the country, away from prying eyes, stood Carter Manor. Two centuries old, made of ancient stones coming straight from England, it was hidden by the woods on the seven thousand hundred square feet park. For many a reason, this estate was more a castle than a manor, but the large plaque made of shiny bronze with a cursive inscription straight from another time made the name Carter Manor impossible to miss on the gigantic wrought-iron gates seemingly impenetrable.

For a long time, Carter Manor had been a family estate, but when the stock market crashed in 1929 and sent the Western World in a crisis, the Carter family almost lost everything. It took the Carter heir, young William Carter III, to find a unique idea to keep the family estate and replenish their bank accounts.

From then on, Carter Manor welcomed women, either poor or from wealthy upbringing, but all beautiful and smart to become the next wealthy and rich generation’s wives.<...

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Raspberry · 06-19-2018

I love this book, made me laugh and cry

Viv · 07-26-2018

It gave me the feels.

Payl · 07-28-2018

I loved this book so much it made me feels too

Salti · 07-29-2018

So goodddd...

Pearl · 08-01-2018

I loved it

Ms. A · 08-01-2018


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hadel · 10-18-2018

nice one

Ash · 12-22-2018

Wow...great story...

ghost · 12-25-2018

It was okay

u. · 01-03-2019

Fabulous book! Love it so much!