Bear Cuffs (Broken Hill Bears #3)

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As teenage sweethearts, Rocco Silvester and Harper Waverly knew they were meant to be together forever. Then fate stepped in and tore them apart, leaving Rocco with a secret he could never share and Harper with a deep hatred of the man she once adored.

Fast-forward five years, and Rocco is forced to take a mate of his Alpha’s choosing to save the clan from ruin. Already suffering from the loss of his father and older brother, being obliged to mate Harper almost pushes him to the brink. Not least because he’s never stopped loving her.

If Harper Waverly could change two things about herself, it would be to not have had a father at all, and to have never laid eyes on Rocco Silvester. But when her kind-hearted stepfather asks her to become Rocco's mate, refusing isn’t an option.

Forced to confront their pain everyday, can Rocco show Harper that he’s still worthy of her, and can she learn to love him again?

This is a standalone, full-length, 36,000 word book, packed with heart-stopping romance, passion, and suspense! HEA and no cliffhanger!

An additional story is included as a special FREE bonus!

Note: This book and all other books in the Broken Hill Bear series are standalone and can be read completely independently.

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  • Original Title:Bear Cuffs (Broken Hill Bears #3)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.78 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published September 19th 2016 by Luna Negra Press



Rocco Silvester crouched over his Black Kawasaki Ninja as it roared around the series of tight bends that sliced through Broken Hill’s mountainous territory. He was shirtless, the huge, bunched muscles of his powerful torso and his tanned, tattooed skin bared to the night. He wasn’t wearing a helmet either, relishing the sensation of the cool breeze whipping his face and making his shoulder-length black hair stream behind him. There was no-one to tell him he shouldn’t be doing this; the narrow roads were deserted and the night was exceptionally dark, with no street lighting at all, and the moon no more than a sliver in the sky. A human riding this road at night would be tempting death, but Rocco had the benefit of a bear’s keen eyesight, and he knew those mountainous roads as well as he knew the backs of his own scarred, large-knuckled hands. From time to time the wheels spun perilously close to the sheer drop on his right-hand side, ...

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