Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones #1)

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When you live in a place where “turbo speed” internet is a slight step above dial-up, men carry on nine-year beard-growing challenges out of stubborn pride, and your brothers do things like nail all your panties to the outside of your cabin just for funsies, you tend to be a little crazy. You can call it a "locational" hazard, if you will.

That’s Tomahawk for you.

We rank people based on just how crazy they are. And the four craziest families in town are called the Wild Ones.
I’m on the bottom tier of those, so technically I’m not as crazy as the other Wild Ones. In fact, if it wasn’t for my brothers and their endless antics, I wouldn’t be considered a Wild One at all. Ahem. Sure. We’ll go with that.

Anyway, I have a best friend who endures it all with me. Benson Nolans is my one, constant favorite person.
Without him, I’d probably go really crazy, and not the fun kind. It’d be ridiculous, after three years of a flawless friendship, to mess that all up by falling for him.

I mean, even if we did get a little too close one night, it’d be reckless endangerment. Even if we did suddenly feel the chemistry that’s always been there and stop toeing the line, it’d be a foolish risk to take.

It’d be stupid to start hoping a really fun, but completely irrational, night with zero inhibitions might accidentally happen.
Really stupid…


*NO cliffhanger
*Stand-alone book
*Sexual Content
*Adult language
*Completely, 100% crazy

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  • Original Title:Becoming A Vincent (The Wild Ones #1)
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  • Rating:9.2 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published June 19th 2017


Chapter 1


Wild Ones Tip #189

You only have two legs. Animals with sharp claws and teeth have four.

Never get caught in the woods without your gun.





“You big bastard! Get away from the tree, and no one has to die,” I shout at the hostile cougar that is debating whether or not she wants to climb up after me.

I even wiggle a puny stick at her like it’s Excalibur or something.

How did I end up in a tree, wielding a stick like a mythical sword, while a cougar decides if I’m worth the trouble of mauling to death or not? Two reasons: Hale and Killian Vincent.

Those are my brothers.

I’m one third of a set of fraternal triplets. My theory is that all the oxygen in the womb was cut off from the two jackasses who are responsible for my current predicament, and I’m the only one who e...

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Viv · 03-14-2018

Highly recommended! It's funny and crazy-good

Raspberry · 03-14-2018

Loved it

Angelfyre · 03-15-2018

Great characters in this book, with some laugh out loud moments. Very different than anything I've read before, I would re-read this one again.

Medeea · 03-16-2018

Awesome, just what I've been looking for...

Niki · 03-16-2018

Wow. This was beautiful and funny .

i rizky · 03-16-2018

Tremendously hilarious. This book have perfect characters and plot and of course a very succesfully happy ending. Awesome..

Kitten · 03-18-2018

Soooo damn good and funny

Lil · 12-08-2018


Sonya · 12-08-2018

Totally worth the read

Krista · 12-10-2018

Hilarious!!! Loved it tremendously!

Salti · 12-11-2018

It's fun

cat · 12-12-2018

Its was great!!! Can't wait for Liam's story

Afiza · 12-13-2018

Wow !!! I love it

Chris · 12-13-2018

Loved it. Just the mention of "he is still with Lilah" I couldn't stop laughing👍👍👍👍

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Flor · 12-14-2018

Very nice story❤️

Pipiet · 12-14-2018

Wrong title?...or wrong story?...

Duwoop · 12-14-2018


u. · 12-14-2018

Oh.. ^^

ghost · 12-13-2018

Such a great book

Ryan Reynolds · 12-13-2018

Tris getting tortured is some of the ble[...]

Flor · 12-13-2018

It as good and fun in the end