Big Men of the House: 55 Book Story Bundle Box Set

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It's My First Time...

Inexperienced women are about to get a BIG present from older men.

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  • Original Title:Big Men of the House: 55 Book Story Bundle Box Set
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  • Rating:6 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published May 14th 2016


Bareback Pregnancy


My stepdad was the best ever. When I was little, we used to play Superman where he would swing me around the living room. I soared above the couch and chairs, looking down at all the people in the city. My mom would always yell from the kitchen, “Put her down, you're going to drop her.”


stepdad never listened. He raised me higher and higher until I could almost touch the ceiling with my finger tips. I only wish that those memories weren't tarnished with cheating and divorce.


In high school, my parents argued more and more. It became so bad that I had to stay at a friend's house some nights. When I found out my mother cheated on my father, I was utterly devastated. How could she do that to him?


The divorce followed soon after and the custody battle was brutal. In the end, my mother won because she was considered the...

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niki · 12-10-2018

loved the book, really good

ARIA · 12-10-2018

long book but a good read

u. · 12-10-2018

(still) oh, my..

Flor · 12-10-2018

Oh it was good and fun to reac!

Salti · 12-09-2018

Finally it's the end...So goood

Annie74 · 12-09-2018

Just love this Amo Jones seri s

Lil · 12-09-2018