Big (Satan's Fury MC #6)

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I don’t use a knife or a gun to get the guy I’m after. I find that my weapon of choice has a much longer, more crippling effect. With just a few keystrokes, I can have him scrambling for his life. I’ll take everything he’s ever worked for, everything he’s ever loved, and I’ll destroy it. That’s what I do.

My brothers don’t ask questions. They don’t want to know what I do behind the closed door. They know I bring results, and that’s all that matters. It’s my job to protect the club, and nothing is going to stand in my way—not even Josie Carmichael.

The girl with the tantalizing curves and emerald green eyes is an unexpected threat, but a threat nonetheless. It’s my job to take her down, but there’s just one hitch. I can’t get the smart-mouthed beauty out of my head. She’s trouble. The kind of trouble that would turn my whole world upside down, but I don’t give a damn. I want her.

Josie Carmichael will be mine, even if that means I must break her first.

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Satan’s Fury MC

Book 6



“Well, look who we have here,” Baker snickered as he sauntered into the room with several of his hood rats following close behind.

My eyes skirted over to him and my chest tightened into a knot as I watched them file into the room. Baker was a big brute, weighing around two sixty with muscles protruding through his orange jumpsuit, while I was a tall, puny fucker who weighed a buck fifty with boots on. I was scared out of my damned mind, and rightly so. I knew what was coming. I’d seen it too many times to count, and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was stuck. I hated that feeling of helplessness and had always done my best to avoid it at all costs. I thought if I just kept my mouth shut and avoided all the roughnecks, I would be able to stay off their radar. But keeping off the grid in a place like this was damn near impossible. The GH Juvenile Det...

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