Bold Beautiful Love

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Cassian Court and Mishella Santelle’s love story comes to an emotional climax…

Bold fate…
Cassian Court—powerful, beautiful, sensual—is the man who has changed Mishella Santelle’s life with the world’s most unconventional business contract—and captured her heart with a destiny neither of them can deny.

But passion comes with a price. They’ve both had to confront demons, banish ghosts, face fears, and dig to the deepest truths of their souls—hells that have been worth it for the promise of finding their heaven.

Until fate delivers them a crushing new blow.

Beautiful disaster…
When crisis strikes the Mediterranean island of Arcadia, Mishella is summoned back home—and unsure how to reconcile the woman she has become with the girl she is still perceived as. Things go from difficult to devastating when Arcadian court politics rev into high gear, setting up Cassian as the Judas responsible for the island’s devastation.

A love demanding everything…
Now, Mishella is issued an ultimatum: her country or her lover? The choice agonizes as much as the truths it exposes, the trust it tests—and puts Cassian and Mishella through their most brutal crucible yet.

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  • Original Title:Bold Beautiful Love
  • Author:
  • Rating:9.46 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published September 27th 2016 by Angel Payne Writes, LLC




Cassian and Ella’s story has seen such a journey! I can’t believe we’re here, at the end at last—and while it feels a little sad, it’s also a celebration of completing a cool milestone: the first serial of my career. Like every milestone, it could NOT have been accomplished without the AMAZING support of some incredible people. I’m so grateful for you ALL!

First, to Liz Berry—for the magical phone call that started it all and gave this concept some wings at last. Just you believed that much in me—well, it was transformative. I will be forever grateful for you and the Dark Nights Discovery project!

My partner, my sister-friend, the woman who sees it all, hears it all, and holds me up through the good times and the bad: Victoria Blue, you are a woman of such incredible, boundless worth. I am so blessed and humbled to have you in my life.


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Awesome trilogy

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it was "meh"....i.e plain