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  • Original Title:Bossman
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.52 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published July 16th 2016



Chapter 1



What a waste of smooth, shaven legs.

“Jules? It’s Reese. Where the hell are you? I need you. This is the worst date I’ve ever been on. I’m literally falling asleep. I’ve considered smashing my head on the table a few times to keep awake. Unless you want me bloodied and bruised, I need you to call with a fake emergency. Call me back. Please.” Pressing end call, I blew out a frustrated breath as I stood outside the ladies’ room in the dark hallway at the back of the restaurant.

A deep voice from behind me caught me off guard. “Unless he’s also an idiot—in addition to being boring—he’s going to know.”

“Excuse me?” I turned to find a man leaning against the wall, his eyes pointed down as he texted away on his phone. He continued without looking up.

“It’s the ...

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i rizky · 03-19-2018

Funny, sweet and amazing. Vi Keeland had beautifully written this book. Awesome!

pipiet · 03-20-2018 is soooo sexy

Tarita · 03-20-2018

Laughed my a**e off .. Chase is perfect.

Viv · 03-21-2018

This book made my day

Meka · 03-21-2018

Really awesome, laughed an cried. Totally felt like kicking Chase's butt.

M · 03-25-2018

A good start but the ending took me a while.