Call Back (Magnolia Steele Mystery #3)

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Third book in the USA Today bestselling Magnolia Steele Mystery series.

When Magnolia Steele started digging into her father's disappearance, she had no idea she'd find so much dirt. The secrets she unearthed have changed the official story of what happened to him. Everyone other than her now believes that he embezzled from a client with the help of several accomplices, one of whom got greedy and killed the rest, but Magnolia's convinced there's more to it. She finds plenty of conflicting evidence, including startling links between several recent deaths and her father's past.

As if she didn’t have worries enough, someone has hidden cameras in her apartment, and the stalker who's been tormenting her amps up his campaign. She wants to trust someone with her secrets, but who? The police are out—there’s someone crooked on the force, and she has reason to believe it’s her maybe-boyfriend’s best friend—and even the people closest to her are suspect. Her sister-in-law and her sinfully attractive friend, Colt, both have agendas of their own; her mother is as tight-lipped as a vault; and in addition to having shady connections, her policeman suitor has a troubling secret.

Before she gets very far in her investigation, a murderer strikes again in Franklin, and this time the victim is someone she knows. The message is clear—step back and keep quiet—but to Magnolia Steele, it’s a call to action.

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  • Original Title:Call Back (Magnolia Steele Mystery #3)
  • Author:
  • Rating:9.22 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9781939996503
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published February 28th 2017 by DGS (first published February 25th 2017)


Chapter 1



“Oh, my God. You’re Magnolia Steele,” a woman said from behind me, her voice shaking with excitement.

It was my first day back to work at Rebellious Rose Boutique in historic downtown Franklin, Tennessee, since the attack. A murderer had viciously beaten me in my apartment three days before, and I was still sporting visible bruises, although they were mostly camouflaged with makeup. I’d been hesitant about returning to work, but I needed the little money my sales clerk job paid. So, sure, I’d expected to deal with customers’ reactions to my domestic violence look, but I hadn’t prepared myself for being recognized by name, although I wasn’t sure why not. Only four weeks ago, I’d acquired national attention for exposing my breasts in an epic meltdown on the opening night of my debut as a star in a Broadway musical.

I spun around to face her, plasterin...

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