Cocksure (Cocksure #1)

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A life altering lie, ten years, and one wild night later, the game has changed.


My life is great. I love my job, have awesome friends, and a great family.
Women love me, even if they know it’s just for a night.
I always thought love at first sight was bullshit. Then she came storming into my life. She tore through my every rule, rocked my world, and knocked me on my ass.
There’s only one problem...she lied.
Turns out my best friend’s little sister isn’t so little anymore.


I stole a night with my fantasy.
After ten years of not seeing each other, Niko doesn’t even recognize me.
So I take what I want from him, what I need from him. Without worry. Without consequence.
What I didn’t count on was the lingering need for him.
Once the truth is out, the game changes. There are consequences.
I should have known nothing in my life is ever simple.
My brother is going to kill his best friend and I have nine months to figure out what I want.


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  • Rating:8.08 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
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THERE IS NOTHING LIKE a night out. A couple of drinks, some pretty girls, and a whole lot of fun for my dick.

Lick, suck, and fuck, then I’m out.

This chick walking toward me right now, though, yeah. Something is telling me to get up and go.

I don’t, of course. As she steps closer, I realize she looks familiar but I can’t place her face. Yet.

“Hey, Niko,” the blonde says as she steps up beside where I’m sitting. I stare at her, trying to jog my memory. Nope. I know I’ve fucked her, but for the life of me, I can’t remember her name.

There’s an empty seat I grabbed for Cam, but he hasn’t shown up yet. Please don’t sit down, I keep repeating in my head. I know it’s an immature thing to do, but I don’t care lately. I think it’s time for a new hangout because as much as I love the pub, this place is starting to make me feel claustrophobic.


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meka · 03-06-2018

Awesome read & a good storyline. Makes you laugh an feel emotional

Annie74 · 05-05-2018

Loved it! Can't wait for the next boook

Flor · 05-05-2018

Its awesome and love this story! Nico didnt recognized here and had a 1 night stand til he found out its his bestfrienf sister after 10 yes never seen her.

Blisswhite · 05-06-2018

Awesome book ,I couldn't put it down toll I was done reading.

April · 05-06-2018

Enjoyed reading this book!

Suey · 07-30-2018

It was cool...not the best.

pamzy · 08-11-2018

Nice read, though longish enjoyed every minute of it

ghost · 10-29-2018

good read

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i rizky · 11-15-2018

wonderful journey to find happiness

ghost · 11-15-2018

I had fun

Lil · 11-15-2018

It was good

i rizky · 11-15-2018

hilarious and fun

u. · 11-15-2018

Wow!! Love this book!

Krista · 11-15-2018

Cute and funny story!

ghost · 11-14-2018

It was good