Crazy in Love (Lovestruck #2)

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~ Reagan ~

As crazy as it sounds, I drank the same “love potion” that my best friend Josie did. She was able to find her soulmate thanks to the mysterious brew, so I thought what do I have to lose?

I was hoping for the best, but what I got was the absolute worst.

Thanks to that stupid, purple liquid, I almost killed my college professor…two weeks before graduation.

Professor Daughton is the type of man I’ve always dreamed of marrying. He’s smart, funny and so hot it hurts to look at him three hours a week during his lecture. I’ve had a huge crush on him all semester; but now that I’m certain he’s my soulmate, I have to convince him we’re meant to be together.

Unfortunately, the psychic who sold us the potion said I only have seven days to make that happen or I’ll lose him forever.

Gage --- I mean, Professor Daughton, eventually admits that he wants to be with me too, but he insists that we can’t cross that line as long as I’m still his student. And I can’t drop his class because I need it to walk across the stage in two weeks with my Master’s Degree.

Time is running out, so there’s only one thing left for me to do --- seduce him. However, that’s easier said than done since I don’t know the first thing about wooing a man. I’ll have to go from 24-year-old virgin to vixen in a week if I want my happily ever after.

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  • Original Title:Crazy in Love (Lovestruck #2)
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  • Rating:8.34 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published August 6th 2016 by Editor's Choice Publishing





Reagan Harper


“Shit! I told you we needed to bring the umbrella,” my best friend Josie bitches as we both scurry into the nearest festival tent.

“It wasn’t even cloudy when we left!” I argue, trying to sop up the water dripping from my soggy face. I’m not the typical girl who shies away from walking outside in the rain. Unlike Josie, you’ll never see me wearing makeup or fixing my hair, so I usually don’t mind getting caught up in nature’s showers, but the heavy downpour we just escaped was even too much for me to endure.

“Hello, ladies.”

Josie and I both turn our heads when a woman’s raspy voice greets us. I couldn’t have created a more stereotypical psychic than the red-headed one seated at a small, round table. And, wow, I freaking love her authentic-looking burgundy dress wi...

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Salti · 07-16-2018

So good..