DEFENDING TIERNY (Gray Wolf Security, Texas #1)

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I never wanted to be anything other than a defense attorney. My father was a defense attorney. He was in and out of my life, but when he was there, he talked about how beautiful the law was. I wanted to see it the way he did. But I never imagined following in my father’s footsteps would would mean finding death threats stuck under my car’s windshield.

But it did lead me to Gray Wolf Security and the hot, sexy, former-Navy SEAL who would turn my world upside down and make me see my profession in a new light.

Scarred by his sister’s brutal past, Alexander hated me on sight because of my profession. But that did nothing to tame the almost animalistic passion that sparked every time we were alone together, which was all the time.

Talk about defense…


I hate lawyers. Especially criminal defense lawyers.

Tierney and I seem to butt heads when it comes to our opinions of the legal system, but despite our differences of opinion and her stubborn streak, I can’t seem to get her out of my mind.

And I must get her off my mind.

Since I was assigned by Gray Wolf Security to protect her, it’s got to be hands off…no matter what. David, my boss, has very few rules, but one of them is that operatives may not become involved with their targets. Yet, that one rule is proving very hard to follow.

Can I keep Tierney safe and keep my hands to myself? Maybe.

But if she comes on to me, all bets may be off…

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  • Original Title:DEFENDING TIERNY (Gray Wolf Security, Texas #1)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.52 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published August 30th 2016



Chapter 1


At the Compound

David jogged on the side of the road, the cool morning air a relief after the suffocating heat from the afternoon before. Everyone talked about how bad the heat of August in Texas could be, but June wasn’t any picnic either. It was nice to find some relief that wasn’t artificial.

But that wasn’t the only great thing about this run. More than six years ago, David was confined to a wheelchair. A car accident on this very road had left him with bone fragments on his spine that made him unable to walk. He refused to have the operation that could restore his movement because he felt like he deserved the disability. His parents were killed in the accident that left him paralyzed. But then he met his wife, the beautiful and intelligent Ricki Dennison, and she turned his life upside down. He had the surgery and went through months of physical therapy, working hard to ...

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