Defying Dorian: Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

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B*stard. Hunk. Billionaire. My life was just fine before he swept me up - hauling me away in those thick, strong, tattooed arms and dragging me off to God knows where.

Now, it's do what he says, when he says, or else.

I'd run as far my legs would carry me, if only I could. Under the guise of protecting me, he's locked me away at his opulent estate complete with everything a girl could want - except my freedom. I mean, sure, it's almost impossible to resist his bad boy attitude, insane good looks and rock hard... muscles. Even so, I'm determined not to fall under his spell.

Unfortunately, my melting panties seem to have ideas of their own.

He's the most dangerous man I've ever met. How could I ever trust someone like him to protect me from anyone - especially himself?


It was supposed to be simple. Just do a favor for a friend - hell, a brother.

Everything went to plan. Well, almost. Once I got my arms around Tempest, nothing would ever be simple again.

Now she's in danger and there's no one who can, who could, protect her like me. She talked tough but had a lot to learn about life's harder edges. The problem is that unless you know what you're doing, those edges can cut and sometimes, much worse.

Normally, women like her don't exist in my reality - except for one reason. But keeping her with me has nothing to do with getting her in bed. Combing my hair is harder than finding a warm body to fill that role.

Or at least, that's how it started...

Now unless I can hear her scream my name for the rest of my life, I'll never be satisfied.

I won't settle for anything less.

"Defying Dorian" is a standalone billionaire romance complete with twists, turns and scorching hot love. There are no cliffhangers and an ending guaranteed to leave you happy, ever after!

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  • Original Title:Defying Dorian: Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.16 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published September 7th 2016





Dark Savior (Tempest)



“Marry me, Tempest.”

I swiveled my head. Marry me? What?

No shit. There it was, pinched between his thumb and forefinger. A massive rock reflected rays of sunshine through the car window, causing it to sparkle and glimmer.

I blinked. For a couple of seconds, I just looked at it and then at him. Just then, his brand-new $200,000 Mercedes drifted off the highway.

“Todd! Look out!”

He snapped his gaze away from me and reached for the steering wheel, grabbing it with both hands. The car rolled across ridges of rumble strips, sending vibrations across my backside.

“Goddamnit!” he yelled. “Where’d it go?!”

I watched him reach down between his seat and the center console, thrusting his hand hard into the dark, foreboding crevice. Swa...

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