Dirty Sexy Alphas (Twenty Book Box Set)

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***Warning: DIRTY SEXY ALPHAS contains pages and pages of dirty alpha males, steamy sex, and passionate romance from bestselling author Hannah Ford, Ella London, and Paige North.***

Authors Hannah Ford, Ella London, and Paige North combine to bring you the sexiest, hottest books with the dirtiest alpha males —guaranteed to leave you gasping for more!

Whether you like your alphas to be billionaires, bad boys, or bosses, this TWENTY BOOK BOX SET indulges every secret fantasy you’ve ever had.

Contained inside this bundle:

FILTHY LIAR by Paige North (Second Chance With My Best Friend’s Brother) (The Complete Series, 6 Books)
OBSESSED WITH HIM by Hannah Ford (The Complete Series, 6 Books)
PANTY DROPPER by Paige North (A Sexy Standalone Romance)
STOLEN by Ella London (The Complete Series, 4 Books)
THE BILLIONAIRE’S FAKE FIANCE by Ella London (The Complete Series, 3 Books)

Book Info

  • Original Title:Dirty Sexy Alphas (Twenty Book Box Set)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.14 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published August 21st 2016



Part I



Filthy Liar by Paige North



Chapter 1



“I hate my boobs,” I said, turning sideways as I stared at my reflection in the full-length mirror. “And these lights are really unforgiving.”

Annie, my best friend, swatted my arm. “Shut up, Taryn. I’d kill for your boobs. I couldn’t even get that dress over my chest.”

I grinned, giving up at adjusting my new sleeveless dress. The plunging neckline didn’t allow for a bra, and I felt a little weird about it. “I can’t believe you talked me into buying this thing. I regret it already.”

“It’s hot and you’ll never find another Karen Millen for forty bucks again,” Annie said, flopping down on her bed amidst a pile of shopping bags and new clothing. “One...

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i rizky · 11-08-2018

5 books.. personally I liked the fifth book

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this book is amazing

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Woow Nice book

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loved it...LMAO

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highly recommended

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Good read!

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My favorite Jewel e Ann so far...