Dirty Tackle: A Football Romance

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We had one night together nine years ago. She was my best friend, the woman I was meant to be with. And she vanished.

When she crosses my path again, I intend to make her mine.


Shane was always a shining star—bound for professional football since he was in high school.

And I was always in love with him.

We spent one night together, and I left for home to help my parents and finish my degree.

Shane knew all that. What he didn’t know was that I was carrying his baby.

I never told him because I never wanted to hold him back.

But he’s back in my life. And I need to tell him soon before I push him away forever.


Maddy Thompson was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen—and the only one I wanted to spend my life with.

We parted ways without speaking again, and I’ve regretted it everyday since.

Now that she’s back in town, I intend to seduce her, marry her, and make her my wife.

And I don’t care if anything is standing in my way.

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  • Original Title:Dirty Tackle: A Football Romance
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  • Rating:7.48 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • ASIN:B01LYL8W17
  • Publisher:Published September 21st 2016






Eight Years and Nine Months Ago



Maddy Thompson was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen, in Rosewood or anywhere else for that matter. Besides that, she was the smartest girl I’d ever talked to, and she liked football. All in all, she was damn perfect.

And I’ve regretted not telling her that, right then and there, for every day since then.

Instead of letting her know that night at the bar exactly how beautiful I thought she was, and how much I liked talking to her about the football team and everything else, I said, “Yeah, no strings attached. I’m not that type of guy.”

It was dark in the bar, and her eyes flashed in my direction over and over that night. She’d come up to me and told me she needed a ride home, and she was hoping I was up to the task. I’d had one—maybe...

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Flor · 07-28-2018

So nice story! Worth it