Dirty Work

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From authors Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert comes a smoldering standalone enemies to lovers romance that will, ahem…check all your boxes.

I hate him. Jude Titan is everything that’s wrong with the male sex: cocky, domineering and loaded with swagger. Oh, and did I mention he’s a Republican? Yeah, the guy’s so conservative he leans to the right when walking. And lucky me, I’m running against him for Senate. But I’ve got plenty of fight in me. A golden boy war hero opponent with a smile that leaves melted panties in its wake? Bring. It. On.

Damn, she’s sexy. Reagan Preston intrigues me from the moment I lay eyes on her. And speaking of laying…I want between those thighs. But I want to make her burn for me first. Every debate and stolen moment is foreplay for us. She claims she hates me, but her body tells a different story. I plan to win this election, but I also want to win the sharp, fiery Democrat who captures my attention like no woman ever has. Politics is filthy, just like all the things I want to do to Reagan Preston.

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  • Original Title:Dirty Work
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.32 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9780997569018
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  • Publisher:Published July 26th 2016 by HEA Inc



Chapter 1



My eyes scan the crowd, taking in the masses as they cheer and hold signs supporting my run for Congress.

Five years ago, when I was honorably discharged from the Marines, I never would’ve dreamed this would be my future.

All the signs carry the same slogan: Trust in Titan. Knowing the constituents in my home state of Illinois feel this way makes me proud. I spent ten years fighting in wars to defend our great nation and preserve her freedoms. When I was given the Medal of Honor after staving off the enemy to save my fellow Marines, I thought my life had been made.

Where else could I go from there? It’s the highest military decoration. I didn’t think I’d ever run for office.

I wave my hands to quiet the crowd assembled in the ballroom at the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago. When their voices are only a whisper, I speak. “I’m he...

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ola · 07-12-2018

awesome read. really hot stuff

Salti · 07-12-2018

Worth to read and need more...

pipiet · 07-13-2018