Drawn To You

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No one knows my story. No one knows what happened. I'm barely holding on.

I'm more than ready to lose myself and keep my secret buried.

Then Ezra finds me. A tagger with a raw talent, he fills the city with his art, splashing color across Portland's grey skies. A ghostly woman in the depths of the ocean, a boy preyed upon by shadows -- everything he creates touches my soul. Authentic and raw, his work grounds me. Magnetic and brave, he heals me.

Ezra is everything I need; he's everything I don't deserve.

I never imagined I'd meet a man like him... or that he'd rip my darkest secret out of me.

All I want is to fade away.

Why won't he just let me?

Drawn To You is a heart-wrenching debut about love, art, and a passion that brings color to the darkness. It's an angst filled romance about the lengths we go to remember and the love we can never forget.

**This is a standalone new adult romance novel**

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  • Rating:8.22 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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Rain rolls down the front window of Pages & Stages Bookshop like drips of gray paint, perfectly matching my mood.

I give myself a mental shake. Too broody? Too broody. If I don’t force myself to perk up, Sampson will start asking questions again. I hate it when he asks questions. I’m running out of suitably boring answers.

Besides, these copies of the latest presidential biography won’t shelve themselves. I heave them over my head, my arms trembling from the effort. It’s not as pathetic as it sounds, I swear. I may be hilariously out of shape, but these books are full-on tomes by anyone’s standards. Presidents are pretty busy guys, after all.

I glance over at the poor, unloved poetry shelf. I’ll have to dust it later. Sometimes I feel like the only person who still gets emotional over e. e. cummings.

When the new ...

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