EMMETT (The Corbin Brothers Book 3)

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She’s fierce. Gorgeous. Elusive. Even a little dangerous…

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be paying the likes of Peyton Crow for her time.

I knew I wanted company tonight – that’s why I came to the bar in the first place. I just didn’t expect myself to approach her, the beautiful, mysterious Peyton. The woman who can hypnotize a guy with just a toss of her sleek, dark hair, or a twist of her gorgeous body…

She’ll do just about anything if the price is right – except let a man get truly close to her.

I doubt she’s ever heard a proposition like mine, though. All I want from her is precious information, because I’m sure, considering who her father is, she knows plenty about my secret passion: horses. Horses are the key to saving the Corbin Ranch, I’m sure of it…I just need to know more. I need a business partner.

That means that Peyton herself is the key to saving our ranch, to making my dreams come true…maybe in more ways than one.


Corbin is kind, handsome, ambitious…the perfect man…for some other girl.

I’ve gotten to know a lot of men over the years. I guess you could call it my profession. I’ve found that most men are just different shades of the same boring bastard, with few good ones thrown in.

Emmett Corbin, though, is a little more interesting. He first caught my eye back in high school, and he’s grown up to be a fine-looking man. And he has ambition, passion, which is unique in this middle-of-nowhere town.

He’s about as intriguing to me as a guy can get.

But the trick to keeping things professional, to holding myself together, is to keep most everyone at arm’s length.

I’m a loner for a reason…always have been.

Nothing can change that – not Corbin’s business plan, good intentions…radiant smile…nothing.

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  • Original Title:EMMETT (The Corbin Brothers Book 3)
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  • Rating:7.78 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • ASIN:B01M0QVQ52
  • Publisher:Published September 12th 2016


Chapter 1

What the hell was it going to take for me to get noticed in this family?

I didn’t hate my brothers. I didn’t hate the ranch. I loved everything so much that I gave it my all, but did anyone ever stop for a moment to thank me? Oh, thank you, Emmett, so much, for everything you’re doing?

Of course not.

In the dead middle of a family that could be the starting lineup for a basketball team — if basketball were the preferred Corbin sport, which it wasn’t — was the forgotten place. My place. And maybe it was easy for my brothers to forget about me because I was the most reliable one out of all of them.

There was Hunter, the war hero, Avery, whose marriage had saved the ranch, Tucker, a highly decorated veteran of the police force, and Chance, the most lauded of all us Corbins, the one who had given up everything to keep this family together and the ranch going.

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