Evading (Regent Vampire Lords #4)

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“Let me obliterate each and every last beast that’s holding that beautiful mind captive, Giselle.”

It’s no secret Detective Mike Thatcher wasn’t a fan of the blood drinkers. They stole his life, his woman, his future when they kidnapped his college sweetheart. So of course Fate paired him with the one thing he’d spent the past eleven years hating…a vampire. But Giselle isn't just any vampire. She’s seduction, sin, strength and fragility all wrapped into one ice-cold package.

“That could take a lot of time. I have a lot of demons.”

Giselle has reasons for her sandpaper exterior, but they’re hers and hers alone. Then along came the one male she never wanted. Her Fated. Mike changed her in ways she didn’t like. He made her soft. He made her care. The gorgeous asshole made her feel, goddammit. And he’s just made it clear the running is over. Letting love in would prove to be the biggest challenge she’d ever faced.

But as Mike lets the past go, can Giselle do the same? Can she bare her soul? Show her shame? Just as Giselle stops fighting the inevitable, her entire world doesn’t only shift on its axis…it falls the fuck off.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE! In order to fully enjoy Mike and Giselle's full story, you must start with the first book in the Regent Vampire Lords series, Surrendering, as their back story unfolds throughout the previous three books.

**** Warning: Hot sex, foul language ahead. Meant for mature audiences only 18+

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  • Original Title:Evading (Regent Vampire Lords #4)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.7 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9781943443093
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published April 25th 2016 by K.L. Kreig








Black death rained down around her. Each diabolical soul released for banishment into an eternal pit of flames and suffering was a breath of fresh air she could take once again. She relished each lungful.

Ancestry was destroyed.

Families decimated.

Retribution delivered.

She was the punisher.

She was deliverance.

She was hate.

She was vengeance.

Sweet, sweet vengeance.

Unrelenting pain—finally theirs—warmed her insides, lighting her ablaze.

Each filament attached to her limbs was a lethal weapon of inexorable suffering they couldn’t escape. Saccharine lifeblood lifted to her nostrils. She took in the intoxicating, liberating scent.

Their bloodcurdling screams were music she wanted to savor for eternity.

Long sought...

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