Extra Innings

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I’m the crazy fun one.
Pedal to the floor, balls to the wall, party all weekend guy.
The guy everybody calls for laughs and a good time.
And I always deliver.

So, when Ainsley Winslow and I made a pact for a summer fling, I was all in.
What hot-blooded college male doesn’t jump at the chance for a no strings attached relationship? Not this one.

Then summer drew to a close, and I found myself wanting time to move slower. Ainsley Winslow is a girl of her word. When fall inevitably came, she vanished.

She no longer answered my calls, my texts or my knocks on her door. After the silence continued, I questioned what I was doing and who had I become. I am Braxton Brentwood…this isn’t me. Time to move on and get the party started again. And I did.

Until our paths crossed again, and I remembered what we had. She wasn’t getting away a second time because our game just went into Extra Innings.

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God, she is gorgeous. That’s the first thought that crosses my mind when she walks toward me that night at The Hideaway.

I can’t pinpoint what is different about her from the other college girls in Ridgemont, but she piques an interest none have ever before.

My friend, Derek, is rambling on about a girl he hooked up with the night before while eyeing another girl at the bar, but from what I can tell, she’s more interested in Pete, the bartender.

We came here for the baseball draft, and the last thing I am looking for is a hook-up. Our baseball schedule is grueling, and I need sleep. I know some of the players, including our own third baseman, Mike Ripley, who might just get drafted tonight.

My eyes lock with hers as her long black hair sways from side to side along with her hips. At least I think she sees me—until s...

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Trinity Nasa · 04-16-2018

I am very happy to read about brax in extra innings. However, this library is great & have Michelle Lynn's love surfaced series & infield series , it doesn't have the invisible series.