Fake Bride With Benefits

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Fake marry the bad boy who broke my heart 8 years ago?
Trust me, I know how crazy it sounds.
But today that bastard came back.
And now, tying the knot is the only way to get the cash I need for my bakery.
Unfortunately I don't believe in second chances. Especially not for Hunter Thorne.

Hunter's ripped, dangerous arms and sinful hands shouldn't be allowed anywhere near me. The absolute last thing I need is a fling with an infuriating, sexy-as-hell, tattooed bad boy who already broke my heart once.

But I don't need Mr. Right to get this money.
I just need Mr. Right Now.
And guess who's staying on my couch?

I'm not the naive schoolgirl I used to be. Fake brides don't fall in love for real, and I won't fall for the inked bad boy a second time…...

…... If only my heart would get the message.

Because pretending shouldn't be this easy.
And saying goodbye shouldn't be this hard.

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  • Original Title:Fake Bride With Benefits
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.86 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:B06Y5138BM
  • Publisher:Published April 7th 2017


Prologue - Tess



8 Years Ago (the summer after senior year)

"Your body was made for me," Hunter growls into my ear. Steam rises from the hot springs and the water gently laps at my shoulders as his arms encircle me, cupping the fullness of my curves. Up here on the ridge overlooking the town, it's quiet except for the bubbling of the water and the chirping of the birds.

"I'll make you filthy for me, ruin you for every other man," he whispers. My nipples pebble with desire, small pink buds straining through the wet fabric of my t-shirt. There's no one else for miles, but he whispers to me just the same, secrets that blow away with the wind.

19 years old, his jaw is hard and outlined, darkened with the five-o'clock shadow of a man twice his age. His features are gorgeous, symmetric, and his black hair is swept back in waves. He's strong, his dangerous physique buil...

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