Fire in His Kiss (Fireblood #2)

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Bloodlust and insanity rule my existence. As a fierce drakoni warrior, this strange new world I find myself in eats at my mind until there is nothing left. There is no light or clarity...until she arrives. I save her life, plucking her from the sky.

From that point on, she is mine.

But the human I have chosen for my mate - Sasha - is fragile and wounded. She does not trust me and fears my presence. I will not give up, though. I will do anything to give her my fires and bond us both in body and spirit. How can I convince her that I want nothing more than her happiness if she will not let me touch her?

How does a dragon woo a human?

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  • Original Title:Fire in His Kiss (Fireblood #2)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.36 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9781521040775
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published April 10th 2017







There’s a dragon nearby, waiting in the darkness.

I’m terrified to breathe, to move, to do anything. I’ve never been so scared in my life. Fear has made the slow boil of nausea in my stomach turn into a tornado, and I’m covered in a cold sweat. Growing up and watching nature shows on TV, I never understood why the gazelles would freeze in place as the lion hunted them. I get it now. I feel very much like a gazelle about to be pounced on.

The gold eyes whirl in the shadows, watching me. The dragon shifts nearby, and it feels as if the whole room shakes with it. It’s so...large, beyond massive in size. I bet it could eat me in a single bite—

And that makes my panic climb a few more notches.

I cringe in place, waiting. I’m so scared I can’t even close my eyes, because I’m afraid he might see that subtle ...

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Carebearstew · 03-06-2018

Ummm when is book 3 coming out?!

u. · 02-12-2019

Wow! Great! Funnier and hotter.. ^^ Couldn't put this down too.