Forbidden Promises (The O'Malleys #4)

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katee Robert delivers the next book in her sizzling O'Malleys family series, hailed as "The Godfather meets Romeo & Juliet." FORBIDDEN PROMISES features Sloan O'Malley and her mysterious new next-door neighbor, Jude MacNamara.

Some lines should never be crossed . . . not even for love.

Sloan O'Malley just left her entire world behind-her family, her wealth, and even her real name. For the first time in her life, she's free. She can live the "normal" life she's always wanted. A life without fear. But there's nothing safe about her intensely sexy next-door neighbor.

Jude MacNamara has no room for innocence in his life. Only revenge. Still, he's never been able to walk away from the forbidden, and Sloan--who is every inch of pure, mouthwatering temptation--has forbidden written all over her. Only after it's way too late does he discover the real danger: claiming Sloan as his puts a target on her back. To protect her, Jude is willing risk everything . . . and to hell with the consequences.

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  • Original Title:Forbidden Promises (The O'Malleys #4)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.24 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published May 30th 2017 by Forever




Sometimes I figure it’s a little weird that I thank God first and foremost in all my dirty books, but I wouldn’t have this mind if not for Him, so I’m running with it. This was one of those books that seemed to write itself, where I was just as shocked as anyone by some of the stuff that came out of Jude’s mouth. God gave me this sense of humor and love of all dirty-talking heroes, and I thank Him daily for it.

A huge thank-you to my fabulous editor, Leah Hultenschmidt, for letting me hit for the fences with this book. I am so grateful for your trust in me, and I’m not even the least bit sorry that you had to read the sexy scenes on an airplane next to strangers. Drinks are on me next time!

Endless appreciation and thank-yous go to the team at Forever. You’ve given me amazing support, from those outstanding covers to copyedits to promotion, and this series wouldn’...

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this book is amazing

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Woow Nice book

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loved it...LMAO

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highly recommended

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Good read!

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My favorite Jewel e Ann so far...