Forgive Me (TAT A Rocker Romance #2)

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Warning. Readers 18+ for mature content...very mature. There are very deep issues at play in this book and it is not for the weak. The twist in this book leaves you devastated and you will need to absorb it. You will get mad, cry your heart out, be crushed, smile, and lose it by the end of this book. Forgive Me is about Forgiveness. All the things you think you know are only a fraction of the big picture. Sass and Shame in the first book of the TAT Series, Trust Me, are the IT couple that all the other friends aspire to be. They are in sync with each other so much that it is sickening. In this book it starts off as Sass without Shame and vice versa. Shame left Sass behind to chase his dream of rockstar status. While on the road she moves on and he is left with regrets not knowing Sass is in her own personal hell. There are many events that happen in this book that are all connected to one another. A tragedy brings the entire group of friends together and Sass and Shame's paths cross again. They both have been living with a great amount of regret for their past actions and wish they could start off where they left off, but they can't. Their communication is lacking in a great way and it builds to the point where it is a mountain of lies, deceit, and tragedy. Sass has experienced things no one should be put through and in Shame's eyes she is his perfect storm. Will Sass and Shame overcome their issues?

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  • Original Title:Forgive Me (TAT A Rocker Romance #2)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.62 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:B00JD28AJ4
  • Publisher:Published March 30th 2014 by amazon





“What the fuck?” Corey roared and slammed his meaty fist into the side of my face. He forced me to listen to the words of my soul on that page, that fucking letter I should have thrown out. I had been in such dire straits and I wasn’t thinking clearly when I wrote it. I was scared and alone and I made mistakes that I have long since paid for.

“Fuck you!” I snarled through the blood in my mouth and tried to stand from the floor where he had knocked me to his feet. I would not cower to Corey ever. I knew that standing would only anger him more but I was a master at pride before the fall. “You know what it is. You’re a fucking lawyer and that indicates your smarts Corey. What do you think it is?”

“In the last six months you have broken every fucking promise you made to me Cassa! And now I learn the one redeeming thing about you, our baby was really his b...

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