Fractured Love (Off-Limits Romance #3)

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I was sixteen when he came to our house. Landon Jones, a boy with nothing, from nowhere. He had cinnamon hair and blue eyes—light blue, just like mine. When we went out as a family with my foster brother, people asked if Landon was my twin. He wasn’t. That year, we found out how much he wasn’t. When my parents caught us, they threw Landon out like trash.

Now I’m twenty-nine, a soon-to-be surgeon, like my mom and dad. I know residency is going to kick my ass, but I had no idea that it would rip my heart out, too. Not until I see him—Dr. Jones.

The third standalone contemporary romance in the Off-Limits Romance collection. Coming in July.

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  • Original Title:Fractured Love (Off-Limits Romance #3)
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  • Rating:8.06 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published July 19th 2017 by HEA Press


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Monday, June 12, 2017

Denver, Colorado



She sits alone at a lime green booth, eating an avocado she sliced open with the hard edge of a spoon. I’m in my spot before she slides into her booth, and so I see her press the spoon against the dark green skin and split the avocado open, pull it apart. I know what she’ll do before she does it—or at least, I think I do.


She goes for the pepper shaker first, taking it from where it stands next to the napkin holder. Pepper first, and then the salt. She stares into space as she chews and swallows, digs into the soft, ripe fruit, and then repeats. I’m some thirty feet away, behind a column painted to look like a tree.

I didn’t bother with the ruse of food.


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i rizky · 01-22-2018

Just when I thought Landon and Evie can be together again after all those years, the truth about their love before then happen. It's a good closure for Landon to accept+understand the difficulty of after effect about Evie's decision.

TK · 02-25-2018

I like this book, it's worth reading it.

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Kiely · 02-19-2019


Jane · 02-19-2019

Fantastic. A great read!!

ABy · 02-19-2019

I liked it

Guest 2 · 02-19-2019


skye · 02-19-2019

short and sweet

Pamzy · 02-19-2019

Not a bad read