Gettin' Dirty

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I was trying to get away clean... but with her I just can't stop myself from gettin' dirty.

Unemployed Hitman.
Yeah, that's me. After all the stuff that went down with the O'Riley crime family, I'm out of a job, but at least I'm walking away with a boatload of money.

Now I'm just taking it easy, floating from city to city. Taking the odd job here and there while I try to find my place.

Then gorgeous, curvy goddess Aaliyah gets her bank card declined in front of me in the checkout lane.

Ass made for grabbing and legs that go on for days. Single moms usually aren't my type, but there's just something about her that is driving me insane.

Too bad she's been hurt so much she thinks I only want sex in exchange for her groceries.

I've got nothing but time, one of the benefits of being rich and unemployed.

My new purpose in life: I'm going to convince Aaliyah she's mine and spend the rest of my days knocking her up with my babies.

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  • Original Title:Gettin' Dirty
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.46 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published July 24th 2016 by Dirty Nothings Publishing


Chapter One




I sit here, looking at the fucking ceiling of my apartment. I can’t actually see it vibrating, but if it did I wouldn’t be surprised. The bass coming from the apartment above me is so fucking loud it’s almost obscene. The thumping has kept me awake for the last three nights. Every fucking night until one or two in the morning. I swear the person living above me must be deaf. How the fuck does anyone listen to music that loud and understand a fucking single word said?

It’s no fucking use. I have three more hours of this shit until the fuck head goes to sleep.

Getting up from my bed, I walk over to the sliding glass door and pull hard on the handle. The thing resists my pull for a moment before screeching open. This damn place is a dump. Everything is either falling apart or has been jury-rigged so many times that it’s barely functioning...

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i rizky · 11-08-2018

it was quite funny... average

ghost · 11-09-2018

I had fun

m · 11-09-2018