Giving It to the Monster (Saints and Sinners MC Book 4)

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There has only ever been one woman Saint has ever loved, and she left him because he was turning into a monster. To lead the Saint and Sinners MC, he had to follow his dad’s rules. So Saint let Natasha go and embraced the club. At last, with his dad dead and gone, Saint was able to turn the club into something to be proud of, but he had lost the person who meant the most to him.

Then one night, Natasha returns to Sinners’ Corner. She falls into Saint’s arms, broken and bloody, and he has the chance to save her.

Natasha has always loved Saint, and walking away from him was the hardest thing she ever did. Now, though, the only person she can trust is Saint, the man she once ran from. She knows he’ll take care of her and help her keep her abusive husband away. Finally, Natasha sees past the monster Saint portrays to the man he’s become.

Is there a chance for them to have the future she always wanted, a future they both planned? Can two heartbroken souls finally find the happiness they deserve?

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  • Original Title:Giving It to the Monster (Saints and Sinners MC Book 4)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.34 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:B01M1S76TQ
  • Publisher:Published September 20th 2016 by Evernight Publishing





Saint at five years old


Life sucked.

Parents sucked.

Gripping the metal handles of the swing, Saint glared down at the floor. He hated his name, and his mom hated his name. She didn’t want him to be called after the club that his father ruled. The MC was always a problem for his mother. She was always saying horrible things.

“You know, swings are not for being sad or moody.”

Saint gripped the handles of the swing as he was suddenly pushed firmly in the back. He looked behind him, in time to see a girl with wild red hair, giggling.

“Leave me alone!”

“Oh, someone is a moody pants.” She stood in front of him, and he had no choice but to glare back at her.

“Leave me alone.”

“You’re on the swing, so swing.” She pushed his knees, and he glared a...

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pamzy · 05-16-2018

Nice read