Go Long

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There's a cardinal rule in football that you never break. You don't mess around with another player's girl and you don't touch the coach's daughter. Well, I've never been good at following the rules.

Belinda Carmichael is uptight, prissy and the hottest girl I've ever seen. She's also the head coach's precious baby girl. And she's entirely off limits.

The trouble is, I didn't know who she was when I met her. And she had no idea I was her daddy's newest star player. It was her job to show me around campus, and I showed her a lot more than that. But we fumbled the ball – she never told a soul who got her pregnant.

Not even me, the baby daddy.

As the quarterback I'm not supposed to date the coach's daughter. I'm definitely not supposed to knock her up. Well, too bad. I don't just want to date her. I don't just want her in my bed. I want to score the ultimate, game-winning touchdown.

Her heart.

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Dust clouded my vision. It was everywhere, hanging in the air like smoke. I squinted, struggling to see. I spat and my saliva was practically solid.

I fucking hated the dust.

Everyone complained about the heat, the flies, the fucking insurgents who looked like they could be anyone, and often were. Little kids, women, it was impossible to tell. They complained about missing their families, their girls, the food.

But we had a job to do. Protect the local civilians from the terrorists. Protect the U.S. of A.

That was a pretty fucking important job.

Personally, I didn't mind any of that. I didn't bitch about shit. I just hated the dust.

I really, really fucking hated it.

"Thick, what are you going to do when you get home?"

Kenneth sounded wistful. I got that. I was out soon. He wasn't. It was going to suck leavin...

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