Guilty Bastard (Grim Bastards MC)

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She's a club whore, not looking for love.
Lisa Higgins has been part of the Grim Bastards MC since she was seventeen years old. She’s always accepted her place in the club, until Round steals her heart.
He's a bastard, full of guilt.
Carter Roundtree has never forgiven himself for not loving his old lady the way he should have. That guilt is made worse when Lisa works her way into his heart.
Can a bastard and a whore find love in each other’s arms?

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  • Original Title:Guilty Bastard (Grim Bastards MC)
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  • Rating:8.08 / 10
  • Genre:Fiction Other
  • Language:English
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The sound of something crashing against the wall sends a shiver down my spine. Someone is pissed way the fuck off, and that’s never a good thing at the clubhouse. Anger often leads to bloodshed between the brothers. At least, it did before Boz took the gavel a few months ago. Since then, the brotherhood seems stronger, more united.

Another crash draws my eyes to a closed door at the end of the hall, our VP’s room. Well, Round was the Grim Bastards’ VP. He stepped down not long after Boz took over. Even though he doesn’t wear an officer’s patch anymore, he still holds the room and all the benefits that come with it.

Even as nothing more than a hanger-on, I know Round’s reasons for stepping down as VP. He thinks the club needs new blood, and I agree. When our old Pres was killed, the club needed to be rebuilt. That cou...

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