Hard Stick

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He has a hard stick and he knows just what to do with it…

Boston’s hockey star and infamous bad boy, Flynn Taylor, has all of the talent in the world. And he’s probably the sexiest man in the entire city, if not the country.

He also happens to be a total loose cannon, and I happen to have had his mouth between my legs before we’ve even been formally introduced.

That’s right, sweet Midwestern girl Savannah Shaw hooked up with a complete and total stranger on her first night away from home.

And the worst part of it is, it was also the hottest night of my life.

But things are never that simple.

Flynn Taylor is off-limits for a whole host of reasons, and continuing to see him, even in secret, threatens to turn my whole life upside down and destroy everything I’ve been working toward these last few years.

The trouble is, I can’t seem to stay away from him. Even though I know everything about him is wrong, when he touches me it feels so right.

I guess it’s true what they say. It’s not the size of the stick, but how you handle it that matters. And Flynn Taylor has a big, hard stick, and he also knows exactly what to do to score. And score. And score again…

HARD STICK is a full-length romance with a guaranteed HEA

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  • Original Title:Hard Stick
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.98 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published March 30th 2017 by Favor Ford Publishing


Chapter 1




This is definitely not how I pictured my first night in Boston would go.

I’ve been planning it so carefully since I applied to transfer over a year ago. I did intensive research to find the perfect apartment close to Cambridge College’s main building, which houses the psych classrooms. I budgeted for even the tiniest eventualities, calculating exactly how much the cab fare would be from Logan International Airport, taking absolutely every possibility into account.

Except the possibility of losing the key to my new apartment.

I crouch on the landing outside the door and start pulling things out of my backpack. Trident gum, yep. Wallet, yep. Phone, yep. Piles of tissues my mom insists I must have on my person at all time? Yep.

But no cruddy key.

I reach into the pockets of my jean shorts, but nothing. I peer in every nook and hidden cranny bel...

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kaybella · 12-16-2018

great book

Duwoop · 12-16-2018

2 books in here, hockey and a football player. Both hea.