Hole Hearted (Songbird #9)

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Cassie Grayson doesn’t know how to be a mom. She’s twenty-two and hardly in a position to care for a kid. But when her twelve-year-old nephew is dumped in her lap, she does the only thing she can: she takes him in.

Neither of them have it easy as they try to navigate this unknown path. Cassie must deal with her feelings toward her estranged sister and her own rocky childhood growing up in the foster care system. Felix is still reeling from being uprooted from the only life he’s ever known, and he doesn’t connect with his weird, emotionless aunt. The only person who seems to breach the gap between them is Troy Baker, the counselor assigned to Felix.

To Troy, Felix and Cassie should be just another case, but they’re not. Something about the hopeless duo captures his heart, and in spite of his hesitation he finds himself falling for both of them. Felix’s quiet strength is endearing, but it’s Cassie’s determination to not let her nephew down that chips away at his own walls, daring him to more than just help her…but maybe fall in love as well.

Can three strangers from completely different worlds create an unlikely family? Or are the hidden holes in their hearts too big to heal?

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  • Original Title:Hole Hearted (Songbird #9)
  • Author:
  • Rating:9.42 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published November 22nd 2016



Chapter One





Pushing the book cart down the narrow aisle, I stopped by the R section and scanned for RIO. I slid The Lightning Thief back into place and ran my fingers down the spine. Rick Riordan was a genius. His Percy Jackson series was my favorite. I loved getting lost in his different worlds—demigods, heroes, battles where the evil beasts were defeated.

Taking Holes by Louis Sachar, I housed it on the next shelf down and frowned when I noticed a few books out of order. It took two minutes to rearrange the mess before I continued shelving the remaining young adult fiction books. A few paces along, I stopped to straighten four spines out of alignment and then nodded, satisfied that everything looked neat and perfect.

Aubrey always teased me for being too fastidious. “You take twice as long to shelve as anyone else in this library.”

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i rizky · 05-15-2018

from hole hearted become whole hearted. Cassie and Felix have through a lot with Troy' guidance and patience they become.whole, live at its full glass perception.. It was really worth it

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So sweet. I loved it.

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superb story ...superb!!

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