JACKSON (The Billionaire Croft Brothers #1)

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*JACKSON is a standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA*

Meet the Croft brothers. Filthy rich, devastatingly handsome, and sexy as all hell…


I don’t do slow and easy.

I do fast and hard.

I don’t do dates. I do … arrangements.

I don’t do romance, love, flowers, hearts, candy, and I sure as hell don’t do marriage.

Until my father dies, and decides to leave his company to the first one of his sons to get married.

Croft International.

The business that’s supposed to be mine.

But I didn’t get to be where I am by giving up. I’ll just find a wife. How hard can it be?

Until Emily walks into my office, all spitfire and passion, her curves encased in a dress that makes me c*ck throb.

I tell myself I’m just using her.

I tell myself it’s just business.

So what if she doesn’t know that’s what I’m doing? All I have to do is convince her to marry me.

But with each moment that passes—each look, each touch, each word out of Emily’s perfect lips—I wonder how I’ll ever survive being tempted by her…

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  • Original Title:JACKSON (The Billionaire Croft Brothers #1)
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.56 / 10
  • Genre:Billionaires
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published November 20th 2016 by Favor Ford Publishing





I sit staring at the phone, my hand clenched in a fist over my mouth. I close my eyes and tell myself to get my shit together. Do the usual, calm my breathing and remind myself that I can fight through this just like always.

A few seconds later, my eyes open again…and I’m still fucked.

My father always knew how to push my buttons, but after twenty-eight years of his shit, I thought I’d learned to stay cool under his unrelenting pressure—and the pressures of Croft International. This business is all pressure, all the time. There is no room for any cracks or weaknesses.

But that phone call…

How could he?

After everything I’ve done to earn my place in this business? After all of my sacrifices?

It turns out the old man saved his best trick for last. Pulled the rug out from under me and then disappeared off the face of the earth...

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Lovereads · 10-16-2018

Great book