Kissed by a Scottish Rogue

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His mother insists he needs a wife.

Fergus McTaggart, land steward of Aldmist Fell, has no time for wife hunting. Any day his employer's long lost sisters will be arriving at the Scottish castle for a long overdue reunion, and Fergus is determined to make their stay memorable, especially for the youngest sister, who has him quite wrapped around her finger. But so far, all anyone is likely to recall are the loud rows between him and Edith Gallagher, his employer’s paid companion. A woman has never bested him, but he might have met his match in the cheeky Sassenach.

She thinks he needs a good knock on the head.

Edith has been charged with watching over her employer’s youngest sister and keeping her safe while the family winters at the remote estate, but a stubborn Scottish oaf and his harebrained ideas are making her job more nerve-wracking than it should be. After many heated quarrels over what is in the girl’s best interests, she and Mr. McTaggart call a temporary truce for the sisters’ sakes. Soon they realize their passionate battles have been masking their desire for one another, which is rather inconvenient since they cannot agree on what that means for their future.

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  • Original Title:Kissed by a Scottish Rogue
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.2 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published January 18th 2015





“You shot it down? What were you thinking, you daft man?”

Helena, the recently wed Lady Thorne, winced at the ear-piercing screech coming from the foyer. Looking up from the small writing desk where she was penning a response to her sister’s letter, she met her husband’s gaze.

Sebastian closed the book he’d been reading and grinned. “It sounds like Fergus is receiving another set down from Edith.”

“Yes, it does.” Helena replaced the quill and returned her husband’s smile. Her letter to Cora would have to wait. She couldn’t write a word with her companion and land steward bellowing in the next room. “How long do you think it will be before they storm off to separate parts of the house?”

“It could be a while. Edith is scolding him good this time.” Sebastian’s dark brown eyes glittered ...

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