Kon (Trassato Crime Family #2)

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Once upon a time, I was the woman you envied.

I had it all. A wonderful family. The perfect fiancé who also happened to be my best friend. Money and resources. The power and influence that came with sharing the Trassato name.

One night my fairytale became a nightmare, and I’ve been living in Hell ever since.

A rival family killed my fiancé. My father succumbed to cancer. In the middle of it all, I bargained away my future to Konstantin Trincher, a member of the Russian mafia. It seemed like the perfect solution at the time—my brother’s girlfriend in exchange for me.

Only things weren’t that simple.

I promised myself to Konstantin and my family promised me to Nico DeAngelo, the underboss of the Trassato Crime Family.

Konstantin and I form an alliance to unravel our bargain. The only problem? We didn’t expect to fall for each other in the process.

Now I’m forced to choose between love and loyalty.

One choice will break my heart and the other will break my family.

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  • Rating:8.58 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
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“I need a fiancée like I need a fucking bullet in my head.” I slammed the shot glass onto the burled walnut countertop.

A toxic combination of loud music and vodka swam through my veins like a drug. Rather than mellowing me out, it only made me angrier. God knew, I should drag my pathetic ass home before I did something to piss off my dad even more, yet I couldn’t bring myself to move. So many things were wrong with my life I didn’t know where to start. So I engaged in my favorite pastime as of late—drinking.

No matter how much I drank tonight, I couldn’t forget my sister was getting married right now, and she didn’t invite a single family member. Not me, not Mom, not Dad. Not even an estranged aunt or uncle.

I couldn’t blame her. We’d toyed with her life behind the scenes for year...

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Guest 2 · 09-25-2018

I will recommend this...interesting n fast story