Lady Knight

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Saxon Lady Ariel of Elmstead disguises herself as a boy and leads her father's men to battle the Norman invaders. Her goal is to find the Norman knight who left her with child the year before. The only clue she has to his identity is the ring he gave her. During the battle of Hastings, Broc St. Ceneri takes a young Saxon boy as his hostage. The boy so resembles the Saxon girl he can't forget, Broc offers to train him as a knight after he is granted Elmstead as his own. With Broc unable to see through her disguise, Ariel must decide whether to risk all by revealing her secret, or say nothing and let the man she loves wed another.

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  • Original Title:Lady Knight
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.04 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published (first published August 7th 2008)




The sun shone brightly as Ariel walked through the meadow. The heat of the day made her regret wearing her wool homespun gown. When she worked in the fields with the villagers, she could not bring herself to wear ones of better quality.

As thane of Elmstead, her father had taken great pride in administering to the villagers and serfs under him. All that had changed. Since her mother’s death two years before, Swein had withdrawn from much in his life.

At ten and eight, Ariel tried to take her father’s place. He still held the moots when disputes could not be settled among the villagers, but all else, he let her handle.

Ariel did not mind, for she had found herself more than capable of performing the job. The only thing she regretted—her father had pushed her out of his life and had practically built a wall around himself.

She pushed the thoughts of her father out of her mind. Today ...

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Chris · 10-11-2018

Absolutely must read... I'm not a fan of that era novels.... But this one I could not put it down.

Guest · 10-11-2018

What a ghastly horrible book!