Laid Bare (Romance Letters)

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Jinny Walter had always been the girl that never fit in. Not at home. Not at school. Not until the night she meets Elijah Prinz and Joel Levine and everything changes.

For eight years, friendship masked a longing no one knew how to unveil. Can Joel and Eli keep from losing the woman they loved? Can Jinny finally tell them the truth? Or will their secrets rip the very ground out from beneath them and force them to face the possibility of losing each other forever?


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  • Original Title:Laid Bare (Romance Letters)
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  • Rating:7.52 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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Hey guys!


I am going to start this off with a HUGE thank you to all my readers for picking up a copy of Laid Bare. A bit of fair warning, this is a short threesome erotica I wrote as a fun freebie for followers of my newsletter. If you haven’t, be sure to join and get exclusive freebies, giveaways, and updates before anyone else. I’m contemplating a continuation. Jinny and her boys are chattering away in my head and it’s becoming harder to ignore. I would definitely love your take; should we continue or is this smutty one shot just enough?

So, aside from steamy sex with two hot men, this novella contains strong language.


I would also like to send loves to my beta readers for reading through and loving Jinny, Eli, and Joel as much as I did writing them. You girls amaze me!

Kisses to my editor for her time, love, and attention. Thank you for all you do and for being such an am...

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i rizky · 10-11-2018

hmm.. steamy hot, not bad for 45minutes reading.. 😏😏