Lars (Rubicon International #2)

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Undercover Shifter Bad Boys = Alphas With Serious Attitude!

Tumble across the Rubicon into the death-riddled world of international espionage.

Tamara MacBride has a much bigger problem than hiding her shifter side from the world. By the skin of her teeth, and with a smattering of Irish luck, she manages to kill her sister’s murderer. Escaping from the scene of the crime is much harder than she anticipated. Just when she thinks she might be safe, her cab driver shrieks and slumps over the wheel.

An unknown assailant terminates Lars Kinsvogel’s target. Pleased by the outcome—after all dead is dead—he exchanges the glitz of Monte Carlo for a nearby airport, intent on collecting the private plane he left there. He’s no sooner arrived when a cab jumps the curb, and he races over to investigate. There’s not much he can do for the cabbie, but his passenger is still very much alive.

Trying to hustle Tamara out of the cab is tough. She’s frozen by fear, but when Lars lays out the rest of his plan to move her out of danger’s path, her temper flares. He can’t leave her alone in Monte Carlo. Can he convince her to trust him in time to save her life?

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  • Original Title:Lars (Rubicon International #2)
  • Author:
  • Rating:9.4 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published June 27th 2016 by Ann Gimpel


Boston Harbor

September, 1773


“You can come out now.”

Garen pounded a fist on the cabin Lars had barricaded himself into a few hours after their ship sailed out of Marseille’s harbor four weeks before. They’d run into a spate of rough weather, or they’d have made Boston a week earlier.

Garen knocked again, louder this time although as a mountain cat shifter, Lars had exceptionally keen hearing.

“Stop!” Lars’ heavily accented voice growled from beyond the door. Moments later, it flew open.

Garen fell back a pace. His friend was noticeably lighter, and his face held a haggard aspect. “Christ, you look like hell. I know you didn’t leave your cabin much, but didn’t the crew bring you food?”

A gurgling snort rippled past Lars’ lips. “What for? I would just have heaved it back up. I ate, but not much.”

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