Lila (Boyle Heights #1)

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When two unlikely paths cross . . . compatibility seems improbable.

Adrift in a foul-mouthed world of ass kicking to survive life on the tough streets of Boyle Heights, Lila is anything but a refined girlie girl. Fighting tooth and nail for those she loves has left her with a chip on her shoulder as big as the gloves on her fists.

After years of being surrounded by glamorous glitzy women, Sonny didn’t even realize how much he’s yearned for someone of real substance. So, when he meets the unapologetic, sexy-as-hell Lila, her in-your-face candor awakens something in him he’s never felt before.

Despite Lila’s suspicions about Sonny’s intentions, the two begin a seemingly innocent, yet deliciously dangerous, online flirtation as his business keeps him away a lot.

The more their rapidly growing connection intensifies, the more Lila feels Sonny is too perfect to be true. But when she’s blindsided by the truth about who Sonny really is . . .

Compatibility suddenly feels impossible.

The first in my new series "Boyle Heights." A spin off of 5th Street. Will feature character crossings from other series'. Stay tuned to find out who Lila's love interest will be. ;)

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  • Rating:8.34 / 10
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“Which one?”

Lila scanned the lunchroom full of loud rowdy kids, the one she rarely stepped foot in. She spent her lunch time by herself on the bleachers.

“It was only the one time, Lila,” Ali said nervously, already tugging on her arm.

“One time too many.” Lila stared out into the crowd, hoping it was someone in the group of Barbie dolls she hated so much. “You let her get away with it one time, and she’ll do it even more. Which one?”

“You’re gonna get suspended,” Ali urged. “Can’t you at least wait until after school when we can do this off school grounds?”

“No. I want every one of her fucking little friends to know what they’re in for if they ever do that to you again.” Lila turned to her anxious sister. “Now tell me,” she said as her fingers fisted at her side. “...

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Viv · 04-05-2018

Empowering, real and sexy. A female character who's strong, tough as nails and protective. I loved it!

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Jane · 02-19-2019

Fantastic. A great read!!

ABy · 02-19-2019

I liked it

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skye · 02-19-2019

short and sweet

Pamzy · 02-19-2019

Not a bad read