Little Miami Girl: Antonia and Jahiem's Love Story

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Antonia Taylor had been living in hell since day one. At the tender age of six, she lost both of her parents and was forced to move in with her aunt from hell, along with her aunt’s four other children. Antonia is a senior in high school, attending Miami Northwestern. While the other students may be coming to school, sporting new clothes and new shoes, Antonia is always sporting new bruises on her body because at home, she is her aunt’s punching bag, getting whipped for any little thing she does.
Jahiem Carter is the hood’s finest tattoo artists and quite the ladies’ man. With all of the bruises on Antonia’s body and her messed up lifestyle, Jahiem sees a beautiful girl who’s just been dealt some bad cards in life and wants to get to know her as a friend but he can’t help the physical attraction between the two.
Join this little Miami girl as she deals with problems that no teenager should have to endure. Will Antonia be able to handle all of these problems by herself? Or will Jahiem be there to help her get through this thing called life?

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  • Original Title:Little Miami Girl: Antonia and Jahiem's Love Story
  • Author:
  • Rating:9.5 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published April 24th 2016 by Leo Sullivan Presents | Sullivan Productions


Chapter 1: Antonia Taylor

“Bitch, get your ass up out the bed and get ready for school!” is how I was greeted as my eyes popped open to my aunt’s deep voice and a pot of ice cold thrown against my body. This was what I had grown accustomed to. Every morning, it was the same routine. I was either slapped out of my sleep, yelled at, or had water thrown at me.

I sat up in the bed and looked around the room that I shared with my three smaller cousins, who were still peacefully sleeping in their beds. I took one look at my aunt as she hovered over me and I did the same thing that I would do every morning. I prayed for her. I was living in a fucked up situation, but I knew for a fact that my present would not be my future, so the shit that I dealt with while living here, I took it. Yes, sometimes I wanted to just give up on life all together but I felt like that was for losers and I didn’t want to take that route.


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Monkeybutt1999 · 01-22-2018

Lawd I can't with this. It's trying to be a romance novel version of Precious. No.

Alie · 07-12-2018

That ending got me wanting more

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Swoon worthy for YA fans

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Can't get enough

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Soo deep...soo sweet..

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so fast but sweet