Lords of the Kingdom

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Le Veque... Knight... Johnstone... Fletcher... Cameron... Prince.

Six of the top authors in Historical Romance have come together in a fantastic multi-genre collection. Six full-length historical romance novels take you back to the days when lords ruled over the kingdom, when men upheld the code of chivalry, and when armies fought for God and Glory. Pirates, knights, and lords are featured in this collection. Whether in England, Ireland, Scotland, or in countries across the sea, you'll find hours of breathtaking love stories in this unforgettable bundle.

To the Lady Born by Kathryn Le Veque – A Medieval classic: an abused lady, a pious knight, and an unexpected love story filled with passion, danger, and triumph.

Breath from the Sea by Eliza Knight - Tudor England, 1601 -- Meet Lady Antónia Burke, Captain of the pirate ship, Lady Hook and her nemesis (who also just happens to make her heart skip a beat!) Lord Titus Graves, Captain in Her Royal Majesty’s Navy. In her quest for the Lucius ring, Antónia, presents Titus with a proposition he simply cannot refuse...

What A Rogue Wants by Julie Johnstone - When a headstrong lady fighting to save her father and a dangerously handsome rake determined to bring him down collide, the result is a clash of wills and a battle fraught with suspicion, secrets, betrayal and two hearts that cannot deny the impossible, irresistible love between them

Irish Hope by Donna Fletcher - Before she is forced to marry, Lady Hope, disguised as a lad, sets out on an adventure with her cowardly dog. She comes across the man sent to return her home, Colin of Shanekill, and soon discovers that adventures can be dangerous...to the heart. Donna Fletcher

To Tame a Scoundrel’s Heart by Collette Cameron - When a privateer-turned-duke enlists help finding a bride from a woman intended for another, neither is prepared for the resulting havoc.

Highlander's Redemption by Emma Prince - When a hardened Highland warrior is sent by Robert the Bruce to the borderlands, he never expects to encounter the most beautiful lass he's ever seen, but when he learns that she is his enemy's sister, he must choose between his mission and his heart.

ALSO INCLUDED: Bonus chapters from authors Violetta Rand and Mary Lancaster!! Enjoy a glimpse of Viking glory and Regency magic!

Enjoy this collection for a limited time!

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  • Original Title:Lords of the Kingdom
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.5 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published October 27th 2016 by Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.



Chapter One



Hedingham Castle

January, Year of Our Lord 1388

He was coming.

She knew he was approaching and she knew why. Dear God, she knew and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

He’d been watching her for weeks with a lascivious look to his eye and at sup tonight, he couldn’t take his eyes from her. His gaze had made her skin crawl, the dirty fingers of his mind reaching out to touch her. After the meal, he had ordered her to her room under guard and there was no way she could escape. He had her trapped. Heart pounding, tears threatening, it was a struggle not to panic. She knew he was coming for her.

God help me, she thought.

The halls of Hedingham Castle were sturdy and big, the corridors thick and smoky with the haze of greasy torches. The keep of the mighty de Vere family reflected the power of the family and the prominence. ...

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