Lost Summer: A Gripping Romantic Suspense

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I Stole Her Innocence And Then She Vanished, So Everyone Blamed Me. Now I've Been Given Chance To Save Her... Hopefully It's Not Too Late!


We had the time of our lives and I finally stole her innocence. Then someone stole her. Now I’m stuck in the hot seat, being grilled under the bright lights. Sitting here, all I can think about is going out there and finding her. At this point, however, it’s going to take a miracle just to stay out of jail. Unfortunately, I’m not the type who attracts miracles or even luck for that matter.


Olivia Bennett is the only woman I’ve ever loved, but I lost her after choosing the Marines instead of college. Now her daughter is missing and the blame has been pinned on my only nephew. With twenty years of military and DEA experience, I know I can hunt down the bastard who took her and bring her back alive. If I succeed, it will heal some old wounds with my family and give me another shot at winning back the woman of my dreams.


I return to consciousness being face down on a stinky piece of cheap, prickly carpet. My head is pounding. I can’t open my eyes. I try to move my arms, then my legs, but both are tightly bound. All I hear is the sound of tires humming against the pavement. I try to scream, but my lips are pressed so tightly together that I can barely muster a moan. My mind goes blank as I scramble to think of any way of improving my odds. I have no idea where I am, where I’m headed, who has taken me or why? My heart races out of control as tears soak the blindfold that relentlessly keeps me in the dark. I find myself spiraling into utter despair.

**Lost Summer is a full-length (92,000 words) stand alone Romantic Suspense with No Rape Scenes, No Cheating and No Cliffhanger. If you like a fast-paced book that you can’t put down, you will love this one!

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  • Original Title:Lost Summer: A Gripping Romantic Suspense
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.74 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published December 26th 2016 by Steamy Nights Publishing


Chapter 1

As Summer Bennett slowly began to regain consciousness, she was greeted by the stench of musty old carpet. Its coarse fibers pressed mercilessly against her cheek. Something had gone terribly wrong, but her foggy mind struggled to recall anything that had occurred in the preceding hours. An attempt to open her eyelids was met with immediate failure, leaving her stuck in a world of darkness. Panic welled up within her as the gravity of her situation suddenly became obvious. In addition to being blindfolded, her mouth had been securely taped and her hands were bound behind her. Wiggling back and forth, she quickly realized that her feet had been anchored in place as well. Desperate for clues, she rubbed her face against the filthy carpet, trying to rid herself of the blindfold that covered her eyes. It wouldn’t budge, causing an additional spike in her anxiety level. She was stuck, alone in the dark, with nothing but a heartbeat that was racing o...

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i rizky · 05-12-2018

Interesting. This book is full with surprises and twists. I couldn't put it down. Worth your time when in the end you got the biggest surprise about Carson and Summer. Wow!!!