Noah (5th Street #1)

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Veronica Cruz has been through hell and back. After disconnecting with the world two years ago to be at the side of her dying mother, she’s left alone, unemployed, overweight, and feeling a decade older than her twenty-eight years. When her best friend coaxes her into joining the local gym to ditch her depression and rejuvenate her life, she meets Noah. Assigned to help Veronica lose weight, Noah is everything she expected a young trainer to be—perfectly chiseled, supportive and motivating. Add to that, he’s incredibly sexy. He’s everything she’s ever looked for in a man. What she least expected was for him to fall for her, but he has. There's just one glaring problem: Noah is eight years younger.

Noah Quintanilla has his eye on a boxing title—someday. Down for a few months with an injury, his maintenance-boy pay at 5th Street Gym won't cut it. He’s finally given the opportunity to train. The catch? His trainee is an out-of-shape woman with a free week pass. Taking on the challenge, Noah stumbles into one of the closest friendships he’s ever known, and before he knows it, he’s in love. But Veronica’s not having it—the age difference is too much. Their platonic relationship means having to watch her date other men—something that would make him crazy. Believing he's the man for her, Noah sets out to prove that age is but an illusion, and there's more to him than just a number.

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  • Original Title:Noah (5th Street #1)
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.6 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published 2012



The night Veronica Cruz prayed for her mother to die she never imagined her mother wouldn’t wake the next morning. But she didn’t. She died in her sleep. In the very house that Veronica was now destined to spend the rest of her life alone.

That was six months ago. Since then Veronica’s bane existence consisted of waking to a silent home and wandering aimlessly about from her bed to the sofa in the front room to the kitchen table until it was time to crawl back into bed and start all over again.

Her mother had left her a substantial trust with the stipulation that the house would never be sold. The home that had been in the family for generations was to stay within the family for at least another hundred years or until there was no one left in the family to pass it on to. Unless she lived to be more than a hundred it would probably be sooner since having kids required male companionship and meeting one, required her leav...

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