Nolan Return to Signal Bend

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Librarian note: This book is being listed under the 'Signal Bend' and 'Night Horde SoCal' series for reader convenience. This is a semi-standalone novel in that it is not part of any series, but its backstory, common characters, and locations encompasses both the Signal Bend and the Night Horde SoCal series.

Nolan Mariano is a man shaped by loss. All his life, people he’s loved deeply have left him in one way or another. In Signal Bend, Missouri, as a son and then a member of the Night Horde MC, he’s found a home and a family. His mother and his younger brother are protected and loved, too.

But Nolan can’t trust it. The past haunts him; injustices left unanswered loom over his present and threaten his future. One injustice in particular.

Iris Ryan is a Night Horde daughter who knows loss of her own. Taken away from her home as a child after unspeakable horror tore her family apart, she returns to Signal Bend, and her father, when she’s grown because she’s never felt at home anywhere else. As Iris settles into a new life of her choosing in the home she’s regained, she and Nolan connect.

As his love for Iris deepens, Nolan can’t ignore the way that loss has warped him. The past is a shadow over him, and he can no longer live under its weight.

He needs vengeance. At any cost.

Note: explicit sex and violence. For Adults 18+
This is a semi-standalone novel in that it is not part of any series, but its backstory encompasses both The Signal Bend and The Night Horde SoCal series.

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  • Original Title:Nolan Return to Signal Bend
  • Author:
  • Rating:9.06 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • ASIN:B01FT6J93S
  • Publisher:Published June 4th 2016






The cold was bitter, but the sky was clear, and Nolan rode into the night.


He liked riding in the cold, liked the feel of the wind so sharp it might almost cut his face. It braced him, made him feel like he was vying against the elements and holding his own.


It wasn’t winter yet, officially, but the cold had come in fast and hard. There had been little snow or ice, however, so he’d kept riding, even as his Night Horde brothers, especially the older among them, garaged their Harleys and started driving trucks everywhere.


Nolan rode up Highway 68, over the hills and around the bends, alone on the road, no company but the stars. Often in the night he just rode, with no destination in mind, no purpose but to get right with his head for a while. But on this night, he knew where he was going.


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